Our research and impact are grouped under three interdisciplinary themes:

  1. People, Firms and Places

Studies the differential impact of trade across locations, firms and individuals in the four nations of the UK, and how external factors such as Brexit, Covid-19 and the rise of China affect the UK economy.

People, Firms and Places

  1. Digitisation and Technical Change

Considers how governments wrestle with huge platform companies, and how digital trade affects labour markets, business models and value chains, and their regulation.

Digitisation and Technological Change

  1. Negotiating a Turbulent World

Explores how to formulate UK trade policy given the challenges to trading across the UK’s borders, differences in international regulatory regimes, the need for environmental sustainability and the interaction between trade and investment.

Negotiating a Turbulent World

Innovation Fund

The CITP Innovation Fund is designed to support innovative research projects on inclusive trade policy.

There is a call for applications in September each year.

Round 1 2023 - Projects

Round 2 2024 - Projects

Round 3 will open in September 2024

Latest Research

Where Technical Meets Political: The Complexity of the EU CBAM in Northern Ireland


Research into public attitudes to trade

As part of its initial research, and working with NatCen, the Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy conducted deliberative research on public attitudes towards UK trade policy, particularly aimed at understanding public views on the unavoidable choices and trade-offs that trade policy requires.

Early analysis reveals that people in the UK believe that economic growth and non-economic objectives, such as supporting human rights and combatting climate change, are both important when making decisions about trade.

Analysis of the participants’ reasoning as they decided how to make the trade-offs proposed to them reveals that fairness, regional as well as national interests, and favouring long-term over short-term outcomes were key considerations.

Citizens' Juries on Trade Policy