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The REUL Act and Trade – what’s all the fuss about?

Why did the REUL Bill raise so many questions and how does the final REUL Act address some of them?

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Are Free Trade Agreements Trading Away Our Health?

The value of using health impact assessments on trade deals

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Trading in a New Climate

Implementation challenges and long-term impact on the global trading system of the EU CBAM

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Where Technical Meets Political

Research on solutions for trade and climate cooperation in relation to Northern Ireland and EU CBAM

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The complexity of EU CBAM in Northern Ireland

Summary of key findings of research of EU CBAM in Northern Ireland

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International Trade and Climate Change

Is regulation sufficient to solve the problem?

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Innovation Fund - Round 2

Funding now available for small, innovative research projects on inclusive trade policy

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The Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy is the first Centre dedicated to trade policy to be funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. The Centre is built on the precept that trade policy should be inclusive in both policy formulation and outcome.

Our aim is to build permanent capacity by developing a community of scholars and practitioners with the knowledge, skills and mutual understanding to develop robust trade policy in a changing world.

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