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Critical Raw Materials

Listen to our latest podcast on ‘Critical Raw Materials' - What are they? What do we use them for? And why have they become such an important part of our trade policy discussions?

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Should the UK join the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean convention?

Analysis of the potential benefit of joining PEM for UK exports to the EU

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Gritty problems in setting up the UK CBAM

Our response to the Government’s consultation on ‘Introduction of a UK carbon border adjustment mechanism from January 2027'.

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Mini Deals

Listen to our latest podcast on trade ‘mini deals’ – what are they, why do they exist and what contribution do they make to global trade?

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The Latest EU Procurement Policy May Green Supply Chains

Do new EU regulations contribute to sustainable public procurement and help to promote a green global recovery?

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Trade Matters: Mind the Labour Content of Exports

How a clearly laid out trade policy, in particular exports, can be used as an inclusive growth strategy for the next UK government.

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Innovation Fund Round 3

The Innovation Fund is now open for appliations.

Deadline: Monday 7 October, 12 noon, UK time.

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Trade Policy Animations

Our animated videos help to explain trade policy and its effects

Latest Animation: International Trade and UK Economic Growth

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