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The US turn is reshaping the geopolitics of digital trade. What does this mean for the UK?

Impact of the recent stance taken by the US, especially for the UK, on digital trade allowing for stronger regulation.

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AI and Copyright: Could Trade Agreements Be Part of the Solution?

Exploration on the controversial issue of the use of copyrighted works to train AI systems and way forward.

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Antidumping and Product Quality

Examination of Chinese firms export behaviour when importers impose anti-dumping duties.

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Understanding data: making the right comparison is hard to do

How to analyse trade data in a robust and considered manner.

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Addressing the climate gap in digital technologies

Policy recommendations that ensures the environmental impact of digital technology is not overlooked in climate change discussions.

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The US-EU Green Subsidies Race one year in: Some perspectives from the rest of the world

A highlight on some of the ramifications of the US-EU green subsidies race for developed country allies of the EU and US, and potential way forward.

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