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Trade Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals
Simon Evenett on the 30th Global Trade Alert Report titled "Must Do Better: Trade & Industrial Policy and the SDGs"

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Will EU sanctions slow down UK environmental deregulation?
Read our latest blog by Emily Lydgate

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Providing a platform for all trade policy researchers to come together to present, discuss and learn about the latest thinking on trade and trade policy.



UK Trade Policy Forum 2023: Trade-offs in trade

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Beyond non-regression: Mainstreaming climate action into Free Trade Agreements

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First things first: start with a trade strategy
Read the paper by Michael Gasiorek.

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The Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy is the first Centre dedicated to trade policy to be funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. The Centre is built on the precept that trade policy should be inclusive in both policy formulation and outcome.

Our aim is to build permanent capacity by developing a community of scholars and practitioners with the knowledge, skills and mutual understanding to develop robust trade policy in a changing world.

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