CITP Webinar Series

Our series of online webinars provides insights from leading thinkers in trade and trade policy on topical issues.

Upcoming Webinars

What Went Wrong with Brexit and what we can do about it: A conversation

Date & Time: Sep 27, 2023 01:00 PM

Speaker: Peter Foster

Chair: Viviane Gravey

This webinar discusses the challenges of Brexit and, more importantly, the possible fixes, with the Financial Times's public policy editor Peter Foster, whose new book 'What Went Wrong with Brexit' was published by Canongate earlier this month.

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Annual Events

UK Trade Policy Forum

The UK Trade Policy Forum is an annual one-day event that brings together all of the UK’s trade policy community to discuss all things trade and trade policy. It provides a unique place to explore the determinants, trade-offs and direction of various policy positions, and different stakeholders’ policy concerns, and to learn about the latest academic thinking on key issues.

Date: 2024 (TBC)

Summary of 2023 Forum

2023 Programme

Academic Conference

Our annual Academic Conference provides a platform for all trade policy researchers - from a variety of different disciplines and areas of interest - to come together to present, discuss and learn about the latest thinking on trade and trade policy. It will be held in various locations across the UK.


Date: 2024 (TBC)

2023 Conference Details

2023 Conference Programme