The Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy (CITP) is built on the precept that trade policy should be inclusive in both policy formulation and outcome and comprises researchers and external partners across the UK.

Our aims

Formulating an effective trade policy that delivers something for all parts of society requires an evidence-based interdisciplinary approach, founded on consolidated and independent research expertise, which the Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy aims to provide.

Our aim is to equip the UK with the capability to formulate and implement a trade policy tailored to the needs of the whole of the UK by developing a community of scholars and practitioners with the knowledge, skills and mutual understanding to develop robust trade policy in a changing world.

The CITP seeks to guide the formulation of an effective inclusive trade policy that delivers something for all parts of society by:

  • Conducting innovative research into pressing practical international trade and policy issues
  • Developing a body of data and frontier empirical methods
  • Working extensively to inform public debate and understanding of trade policy issues
  • Engaging with a wide range of policymakers, businesses and civil society organisations
  • Working with international partners to analyse broader challenges to the world trading system
  • Creating a critical mass of expertise by integrating excellent scholars from several disciplines and all parts of the UK
  • Creating a permanent, widespread capacity to conduct first-rate research, analysis and policy-making in international trade within UK academia, officialdom and business.