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Emerging Technologies in Emergency Situations

Fosso Wamba, S, Queiroz, M. Roscoe, S., Phillips, W., Kaplieta, D. Azadegan, A (2021) ‘Emerging Technologies in Emergency Situations’ – Special Issue Guest Editorial International Journal of Operations and Production Management

Published 20 July 2022

The world is witnessing an unprecedented upheaval in global operations and supply chains. Increasingly occurring natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic have plunged organisations into a state of emergency, with many fighting for their very survival. Emergency situations typically require urgent action to restore operations to the previous scenario or new strategies for survivability and adaptation to an entirely new context. Due to the scale and immediacy of these events, a range of actors is often involved, including governments, non-governmental organisations, and businesses, that need to work together to mitigate threats to life and property. Emerging technologies such as those related to industry 4.0 are well-positioned to help organisations rebuild and reconfigure their resilience capabilities.

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