Phoebe Li

Senior Lecturer in Law

University of Sussex

Headshot of Phoebe Li

Areas of interest

  • Regulation of technology
  • Intellectual property
  • Patents
  • International intellectual property law


Phoebe Li is a Senior Lecturer in Law and the Deputy Director of the Sussex Centre for Information Governance Research (CIGR, @SussCIGR) at Sussex University in the UK.  Her research interests revolve around international intellectual property (IP) and the regulation of science and technology. She is particularly interested in exploring the convergence and divergence of risk regulation and IP in relation to emerging technologies. Phoebe applies doctrinal and social-legal research methods and works with colleagues from multidisciplinary backgrounds including Science and Technology Study (STS), computer science and bioengineering. Her recent work focuses on the regulation and governance of AI, digital fabrication, and digital health. 

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