Trade policies and emissions reduction: establishing and assessing options

Lydgate E, Winters L. A, Dodd P, Jensen C, Larbalestier G, Anthony C, Vallier C (2022) 'Trade policies and emissions reduction: establishing and assessing options', Climate Change Committee

Published 29 June 2022

The Climate Change Committee commissioned the University of Sussex (via the UK Trade Policy Observatory and the Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy) and Vital Economics to review UK trade policy options to review trade policy options, with a particular focus on CBAMs and mandatory minimum product standards. The project set out a taxonomy of trade policy options, the current landscape, an assessment of the key design decisions for CBAMs and product standards and practical steps required for implementing these policies.

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L. Alan Winters CB

Centre Director

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Emily Lydgate

Research Theme Lead for 'Negotiating a Turbulent World'

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