Alasdair Smith

Emeritus Professor of Economics

University of Sussex Business School

Headshot of Alasdair Smith

Areas of interest

  • Economics of European trade and integration
  • Trade and income distribution
  • Competition policy
  • Economic modelling


Alasdair Smith is an international trade economist, with special interests in the economics of European trade and integration. He has written widely cited papers on the economics of the single market and on the Eastern enlargement of the EU; as well as more widely on trade and income distribution, competition policy, intertemporal economics, the economics of pensions, and the principles of microeconomics policy. With Tony Venables and Michael Gasiorek, he developed a set of computable modelling techniques which they applied in the 1980s to the economics of the single market and more recently to the modelling of Brexit issues. He has had direct practical experience in higher education policy, public sector pay, pension, competition policy, fiscal devolution, and payment systems. As well as academic books and papers, he has extensive experience in writing on economic policy issues for wider audiences and of undertaking economic consultancy work for public bodies. He is a researcher within the Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy (CITP).

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