Dan Wincott

Blackwell Professor of Law and Society

Cardiff University

Areas of interest

  • Public Law
  • Wales Governance
  • Welsh politics


Professor Wincott is a researcher within the Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy (CITP) and holds the Blackwell Law and Society Chair in Cardiff University’s School of Law and Politics. He is based in its Wales Governance Centre. He has directed the Economic and Social Research Council’s Governance after Brexit Research Programme since 2018 and am Research Director of its King’s College London based UK in a Changing Europe initiative. These roles have encompassed co-ordination of over 40 individual ESRC research projects.

A political scientist/policy analyst by background, Dab's research interests are wide-ranging and interdisciplinary (across politics, law, socio-legal studies, social and public policy). They embrace UK and comparative territorial politics, constitutional law and politics, public attitudes and national identity politics, social policy and the welfare state as well as political and socio-legal theory and methods.

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