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The Latest EU Procurement Policy May Green Supply Chains

Do new EU regulations contribute to sustainable public procurement and help to promote a green global recovery?

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Trade Matters: Mind the Labour Content of Exports

How a clearly laid out trade policy, in particular exports, can be used as an inclusive growth strategy for the next UK government.

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International Trade and UK Growth

How can trade help produce economic growth?

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Default values in the UK’s CBAM could hinder its climate ambitions

A new approach to more accurately reflect the emission intensities of imports for UK CBAM.

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50 years of trade policy

L. Alan Winters reflects on 50 years as a trade policy expert and considers potential key issues over the next 5-10 years.

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How to price CBAM permits: Combining the markets for ETS and CBAM carbon permits

A proposal for an alternative way of setting the carbon price.

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