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Inclusivity and implications for trade policy

Inclusivity is a big subject, and we are not experts on all of it. Thus, we are keen to learn from anyone who has excellent research which touches on any aspect of inclusivity and what they think it might imply for trade policy.   This series of blogs by leading researchers offers brief accounts of one part of their research and how it may affect or be affected by international trade and trade policy.

The idea is to try to ensure that research on inclusive trade policy is informed by the best thinking and methodologies on inclusivity. Thus, the focus of the series is not on the details of the trade policy implications – that is what CITP researchers do - but on how the author’s research on inclusivity might influence our understanding of inclusivity and the related agenda for trade policy research.

Climate and Trade Policy

Find out about the latest research on trade policies and emissions reduction in a commissioned report for Committee on Climate Change.

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In his blog, based on his speech at the Summit of the Americas, L. Alan Winters looks at how to develop a global system to address greenhouse gas emissions.

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What does inclusive trade policy mean?

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