UK Trade Policy Forum

The Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy (CITP) is proud to announce in London, Chatham House on Tuesday 28th February 2023.

Date: Tuesday 28th February 2023

Location: Chatham House, 10 St James Square, London, SW1Y 4LE

The UK Trade Policy Forum is an annual one-day event that will bring together all of the UK’s trade policy community - policy actors, civil society, academics, the media and the private sector – to discuss all things trade and trade policy.  The first UK Trade Policy Forum is held in conjunction with Chatham House and Resolution Foundation.

The forum is unique place to explore the determinants, trade-offs and direction of various policy positions, different stakeholders’ policy concerns and to learn about the latest academic thinking on key issues.

With keynote speeches, a roundtable and panel discussions, with panels comprised of a broad range of speakers across different disciplines and sectors of society, it is our aim that the Forum will facilitate the sharing and deepening of knowledge, collaboration and the exploration of new possibilities for UK trade policy. All sessions will provide ample time for question-and-answers to enable open discussion and sharing of views. With much of the UK’s trade policy community being dispersed and fragmented across different disciplines and sectors, there will also be plenty of time and space for networking!


Key timings:

08.45 Doors open for registration
09.00 Conference commences
17.15 Conference ends

The Forum will commence with an opening session by L. Alan Winters, CITP and keynote speeches (TBC), and end with a roundtable involving Creon Butler, Chatham House and Sophie Hale, Resolution Foundation and Michael Gasiorek, CITP. The rest of the Forum will be comprised of panel discussions with panels comprised of a broad range of speakers across different disciplines and sectors of society, arranged on the following topics:

  •  Supply chain resilience
  • Climate change and trade
  • Trade policymaking withing the UK
  • Food standards within the UK
  • Workers and Trade
  • Challenges of digital trade

Our panel chairs include Chris Horseman, Borderlex; Jodie Keane, Overseas Development Institute; Ben Cropper, Department for International Trade; Ruth Bergen, Trade Justice Movement; Peter Foster, Financial Times; Ingo Borchert, CITP; and Faisal Islam, BBC.

The opening session, keynote speeches and roundtable will be livestreamed, please specify via the form below whether you wish to attend online only.

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Please kindly note that only the opening and closing sessions, keynotes and roundtable will be available to online attendees.