Conference Programme

Thursday 20th April

Welcome and Introduction (Fulton A)

09:30 - 09:50

  • Welcome - L. Alan Winters
  • Introduction - VC Sasha Roseneil

Keynote Speech (Fulton A)

09:50 - 10:50

Paola Conconi - Multinational Ownership and Trade Participation

Coffee Break (G15)

10:50 - 11:20

Session 1

11:20 - 12:50

Room 201 - 1a Trade and the Environment

Trade War and Environment
Guohao Yang, Lorenzo Trimarchi

Designing Credible Carbon Border Adjustments to Promote Compliance
Chiara Forlati, Harald Fadinger, Sabine Stillger, Ulrich J. Wagner

The Deforestation Effects of Trade and Agricultural Productivity in Brazil
Joao Paulo Pessoa, Igor Carreira, Francisco Costa

Room 202 - 1b Preferential Trade Agreements

Non-Trade Provisions in Deep Trade Agreements and Non-Trade Outcomes
Filippo Santi, Joseph Francois, Bernard Hoekman, Miriam Manchin

Trade Preference Utilisation Post-Brexit: The Role of Rules of Origin
Manuel Tong Koecklin, Yohannes Ayele, Michael Gasiorek

Brexit NTMs and Aggregated Trade
Lisandra Flach, Lisa Scheckenhofer, Feodora Teti

Room 203 - 1c Topics

Directors and Robots
Ioannis Papadakis

All Roads Lead to Rome Global Air Connectivity and Bilateral Trade
Zheng Wang, Feicheng Wang, Zhou Zhou

A Quantitative Analysis of Trade Cooperation Over Three Decades
Marcos Ritel

Lunch (G15)

12:50 - 14:00

Session 2

14:00 - 15:30

Room 201 - 2a Regional Implications of Globalisation

Trading Borders: the importance of interregional integration and size of economies for the impact of secession
Gioele Figus, Peter McGregor, Stuart McIntyre, Graeme Roy

Concentration and Markups in International Trade
Michele Fioretti, Ken Kikkawa, Monica Morlacco, Vanessa Alviarez

Gains from Foreign Employment in Japan: Regional and Sectoral Implications
Kensuke Suzuki, Yasuhiro Doi

Room 202 - 2b Family and Gender in International Trade

NAFTA and the Wages of Married Women
Shushanik Hakobyan, John McLaren

Import Competition and Families
Peter Levell, Aitor Irastorza-Fadrique, Matthias Parey

Can Trade Policy Change Gender Equality? Evidence from Chile
Utsa Banerjee, Pavel Chakraborty, Luis Castro Penarrieta

Room 203 - 2c The Effects of Trade Policy Interventions

The Effect of Public Export Credit Supports on Firm Performance
Haeyeon Yoon, Jung Hur

The effect of standards harmonization on trade, prices and quality: evidence from EU pesticides MRLs
Anirudh Shingal, Malte Ehrich

The Impact of Brexit on UK Consumer Welfare
Shubin Yang, Karen Jackson *presentation cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances"

Coffee Break (G15)

15:30 - 15:50

Session 3

15:50 - 17:20

Room 201 - 3a Methods

Quantifying the Extensive Margins of Trade and Production
David Torun

Market versus Optimum Diversity in Open Economies: Theory and Quantitative Evidence from China
Ruobing Huang, Peter Egger

Unlocking New Methods to Estimate Country-specific Effects and Trade Elasticities with the Structural Gravity Model
Angelos Theodorakopoulos, Rebecca Freeman, Mario Larch, Yoto V. Yotov

Room 202 - 3b Offshoring and FDI

Foreign Direct Investment and Structural Transformation in Africa
Bernard Hoekman, Marco Sanfilippo, Margherita Tambussi

South-South Offshoring: The Peruvian Case
Adriana Brenis

Nearshoring and Farsharing in Europe: implications for employment
Filippo Bontadini, Valentina Meliciani, Maria Savona, Ariel Wirkierman

End of the day


Conference Dinner


Cote Brasserie
115-116 Church St

Friday 21st April

Session 4

09:00 - 10:30

Room 201 - 4a Trade and Finance

A new comprehensive firm-level data source for the UK merging the BSD, VAT and FAME databases
Giordano Mion, Bridget Kauma

The Implications of Financial Frictions with International Trade Barriers
Mehran Ebrahimian, Hamid Firooz

Do Lenders also Respond to Import Competition? Evidence from Bank-Firm Loan Level Data
Pavel Chakraborty, S K Ritadhi

Room 202 - 4b Global Value Chains

GVC Positioning and Firm Productivity
Michela Bello, Tommaso Ciarli, Mattia Di Ubaldo, Maria Savona, Tania Treibich

Trade Disruptions Along the Global Supply Chain
Alejandro Graziano, Yuan Tian

Horses for Courses: Measuring Foreign Supply Chain Exposure
Angelos Theodorakopoulos, Rebecca Freeman, Richard Baldwin

Room 203 - 4c Trade, innovation and market concentration

Skill-Based Quality Upgrading and Trade Country Differences in Innovation Capacity Matter
Stefani Stefanova, Peter Egger, Davide Suverato

Innovation Union- Costs and Benefits of Innovation Policy Coordination
Giammario Impullitti, Teodora Borota Milicevic, Fabrice Defever, Adam Hal Spencer

Trade Sanctions and Informal Employment
Ali Moghaddasi Kelishomi, Roberto Nisticò

Coffee Break (G15)

10:30 - 10:50

ECR Presentations (Fulton A)

10:50 - 11:50

Short Presentations from Early Career Researchers within the Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy - Chaired by Ingo Borchert

  • Eirini Thomadiou (Quality, innovation, and firm export performance)
  • Calum Fox (Characteristics of Exporting Firms)
  • Dongzhe Zhang (UK trade and productivity across space)
  • Nicolo Tamberi (Handley-Limao with preferential tariffs)
  • Xinyan Zhao (Impact of UK-EU ETS De-linkage on Carbon Leakage in Northern Ireland in the CBAM Period)

Introduction (Fulton A)

11:50 - 12:00

Steve McGuire Dean of the University of Sussex Business School

Keynote Speech (Fulton A)

12:00 - 13:00

Petros Mavoidis - Industrial Policy for National Security - What Can/Should the WTO Do?

Lunch and end of conference (G15)

13:00 - 14:30